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The Kite is a great looking longbow from Buck Trail. It is has a rosewood riser with maple and black fibreglass limbs. The limb tips are ebony and bakelite. It has elegant lines and is suitable for traditional barebow tournaments.


Bow size: 66”


Max draw length: 30"

Recommended brace height: 7-7.5"

Buck Trail KITE 66" American style longbow

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Incl. BCY B55 14 strands string.

    Bow length: 66”

    Advised brace height: 7-7.5”

    Draw weight: 25lbs till 55lbs (5lbs increments)

    Maximum draw length: 30”

  • Free delivery in Malta with orders over €100. 

    For shipping to the rest of the world, please contact us by email on

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