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Courses and Training at Malta Archery


According to the ancient Instinctive Archery teaching methods there are four levels of learning for the archer.

L1. When the archer is able to hit a motionless target while they are still.

L2. The archer is able to hit a target that moves while they're still.

L3. Being able to hit an object that is still while the archer is on the move.

L4. When the archer, being in motion, is able to hit a target that also moves.

Come and train with us at Malta Archery and we will ensure your archery skill level improves. We constantly challenge all our students to be the best they can be.

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Armin Hirmer Archery Workshop

Saturday 25th May 2.30pm - 5pm

Hal-Lija Outdoor Range

A unique opportunity to improve your archery technique from Armin Hirmer. It will be a productive and rewarding afternoon with Armin offering tips and insights to improve your archery. Armin will offer training, tips and suggestions for each individual archer.

Offered to all archers.

The workshop is for archers looking to improve their traditional instinctive archery as practiced at Malta Archery and will include:

Focus on Form.

How to "stop aiming" and hit the target.

Changing distance. and more.


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Asiatic Archery with Armin Hirmer 

Sunday 26th May 2024.


Hal-Lija Outdoor Range

Further your Asiatic (thumb draw) archery with this unique course by Armin Hirmer. This course is for students of Malta Archery or Armin Hirmer who have completed a Basic Thumb release or Asiatic Archery course. It is not a beginner's course in this technique. Learn The Way of the Bow Finding balance of the body, mind and spirit to improve your archery. Breathing. The Grip Shooting faster with greater accuracy and more.


Introduction to Traditional Instinctive Archery Beginner's Course 

Sunday 10th October 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Hal-Lija Outdoor Range


Introduction to Traditional Instinctive Archery - Beginner's Course 

2 hours 

  • Learn the basics of Traditional Instinctive Archery

  • Historical context

  • How to shoot effectively

  • Practice

  • Equipment care and storage

  • Certification


Knife Throwing - Beginners Courses 

1 to 1 or small group sessions

Hal-Lija Outdoor Range

  • Learn the basics of knife throwing

  • Range Safety

  • How to throw in two styles

  • Practice

  • Equipment care and storage


 Courses at Malta Archery

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