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              Individual Shooting 




Hal Lija at Torri Gardens - Formerly Malta University Residence

Forget about aiming, forget about control, simply look at the target, point, draw, and shoot!


Venture deep into the wisdom of the body and the soul by trusting your instinct and inner-self through learning the way of the bow in just one hour.

With close individual attention, you will learn how to master the correct posture, acknowledge the ideal handling of the bow, and above all to experience the rushing energy of drawing the bow and shooting the target. 


Open: Winter SCHEDULE


Saturday and Sunday  9 am - 12 noon

Tuesday 5pm and 6pm

Thursday  4pm and 5pm

PRIVATE SESSIONS for parties, team building, events, groups:

Saturday and Sunday:

1pm - 2.30pm 2.30pm- 4pm  


9.30am, 11am 1pm, 3pm

Saturday 12noon.

Private sessions by appointment

Private sessions by appointment


Duration: 60 mins

Price:         €13 with our equipment.
€10 with your equipment.

                    Pre-paid discount cards available.

General Info:

Suitable for beginners and experienced archers.

18 Shooting lines, 10 - 60m.

Min. age is 8.
Equipment is provided. 
Be there 10 mins before.
Pre-booking is essential.            


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